KiwiFibre Innovations


To build the credibility of KiwiFibre we are creating a set of snow skis for this season. The ski will consist of unidirectional KiwiFibre, with a recycled Rimu core.

KiwiFibre Innovations

Our unidirectional KiwiFibre series allows for high flex of the ski while providing a strong and impact resistant platform. KiwiFibre also provides high energy absorption, facilitating a smooth, comfortable ride.


Imagine a world where plastic is recyclable, reusable and really bloody strong. Our PLA / Ti Kouka (cabbage tree) fibre reinforced bioplastic is just that.

We do this by recovering 3D printer waste material, and adding our fibres to enhance its properties. Being compatible with processes including injection moulding, extrusion, rotation-moulding and 3D printing, the product possibilities are endless.

We’re currently carrying out properties analysis on the material and will update this section soon!

KiwiFibre Innovations

KiwiFibre is lightweight, strong and natural.

With better sound and energy absorption properties than synthetic alternatives, KiwiFibre is perfect for sport and rec products which require flexural rigidity. As it is so capable of absorbing energy, products made from KiwiFibre are less likely to fracture and fail, leading to a better overall product experience and a longer lifespan. This is a positive for consumers, and the environment.