Our material is made from South Island harakeke flax milled in Riverton, New Zealand. Harakeke has not been used commercially for over 30 years, so we are rebuilding the supply chain in a sustainable way that acknowledges the cultural significance of harakeke.

Why Harakeke?

Harakeke is natural, abundant and strong, and can be sustainably farmed if done correctly. What sets harakeke apart is that when harvested, only the outer leaves are used, leaving the rest of the plant to continue growth.

How Strong?

Pretty strong. Harakeke has been used in rope form for centuries, whether this be guiding Waka around the Pacific, or being exported to Europe, the natural strength of harakeke has been proven. This makes it perfect for natural fibre composites.


From seedling to harvest-ready plant in 6 years, harakeke is incredibly fast growing. Acknowledging the significance of harakeke in Maori culture, only the grandfather, outside leaves are harvested, which grow back even faster.

KiwiFibre Innovations

Eco systems

Harakeke has the ability to absorb nitrates from the soil making it an ideal plant for riparian planting zones around waterways. Not only does it absorb nitrate but also adds to the biodiversity in and around the waterway, by attracting native birds such as Tui.